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Erturk lines serves as the Seferihisar Samos ferry ticket sales page. Erturk lines is areliable travel agency providing fast catamaran service. Every year, the Greek islands are heavily attracted by tourists.


Both foreign and Turkish tourists make frequent visits to the islands of Greece. Going from Turkey to the island of Samos is much easier than other Greek islands.


Samos is the closest Greek island to the coast of Turkey. You can easily get to Samos Island by ferry from Seferihisar Sığacık. Ferry services are quite frequent. There is a visa application at the gate to go to the island of Samos.


You can find a ferry ticket at a very affordable price for car ferries. And it is quite easy to find tickets for the Samos ferry services departing Seferihisar very often. You can easily find ferry tickets . Ferry routes is reliable.


Greek and Aegean cuisine are very similar. As we know from its proximity to Samos Seferihisar, it also provides Aegean flavours with its cuisine. Tourists going to the island of Samos have the opportunity to consume varieties of fish in restaurants. Prices are also quite convenient.


Samos Island is one of the closest island to Sığacık Teos. Teos marina is a huge field that located in Seferihisar. Samos Island offers its visitors a legendary holiday with its beautiful beaches and nature.


Samos Island is located opposite Kuşadası and is known for its proximity to Seferihisar. Another reason why Samos is especially visited by tourists is that it is easy and cheap to reach the island. Especially from Seferihisar, transportation to the island is fast and reliable by car ferry services operating.


It is only possible to reach the island of Samos within an hour by ferry ticket. Your ferry ticket is available from many locations.


It is possible to reach Samos Island in approximately 1 hour by sea from Seferihisar port and voyages are made each day. Also in the summer season, there are frequent flights between Seferihisar-Samos (Karlovassi Port).


A visa application is being made for you to cross to Samos Island. If you have a green passport, you can enter without a visa. If you are a burgundy passport holder, you may be able to enter with a schengen visa or a visa application at the door.


As with other Greek islands, there are a variety of package tours available for those who want to visit Samos for a day trip. If you book in advance with car rental companies that you can reach online as well as your ferry ticket before you make your trip, the employees of the company will wait for you at the port according to the arrival time of your ferry. That'll buy you a lot of time when you get to the island.


Our advice to you for Samos is to plan your travel plan for at least 2 days because the island is quite.


Samos Island is not as popular in Turkey as the islands of Chios, Rhodes and Kos, but it is beautiful enough to meet the wishes of those looking for a charming holiday alternative in the near distance.As with all other Greek islands, the cordon is made up of 2-3 storey houses and bars and restaurants beneath them.


The restaurants and bars in Samos are very cute and Pythagoras Square in the cordon is the heart of the coastline, and local people fill this square at all hours of the day, where they enjoy spending time.


Overall there are fewer Turkish tourists on the island, but it is possible to see tourists from all over the world. He's coming to the island where he can get his ticket.


Pythagorion, Kokkari and Manolates are the villages to be seen. Pythagorion and Kokkari are quite close to Vathi but I think the village of Manolates is the first of the villages to be seen outside the centre.


It is hard not to be amazed when you arrive at a hilly, charming village by crossing roads in the taste of safari on rugged roads.


Pythagoron, the hometown of Pythagoras, the famous philosopher and mathematician who lived between 570-495, is also named after him.


No one returned without the “Pythagorean cup of Justice” on the island, which was sold at many souvenir vendors.


The Cup is quite interesting, in the form of an inverted bell, and although it has six holes, the drink inside never spills. But as soon as you put enough liquid in it to cross the line, the contents flow to the last drop.


The town is charming, it has a lot of different shops where you can shop. Those who want to buy souvenirs do not leave the island without stopping at the Lykourgou logotheti Street.


Kokkari is another small and charming coastal town. Tourist attractions, the coast is full of extremely beautiful taverns, and the sea is clean.


Although Samos is an island, it has many museums. The Samos wine museum comes first. You'll hear a lot about Samos wines before you come to the island. You'll see vineyards in the island.


With the harvest of these vineyards, fine wine is produced from the quality grapes obtained by the people of the island.


You can also have detailed information about the historical history of wine production on the island and participate in the tasting event.


Transport to the island of Samos is quite easy with a ferry ticket. You can get fast and reliable transport from Seferihisar by ferry. We suggest you add this beautiful island to your bucket list.