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0,5€ Port TAX will be collected from each customer on Departure from Chios, at our check-in desk.

For Foreigners please check the guide of Ministry

  • **In order to get your Boarding Cards, kindly proceed to our Offices before the departure date or proceed to our Check-in Office which is located near the Ulusoy Port Building at the date of departure.
  • **Within the last day of your journey, your Passport should hold at least 90 days for the expiration (for Turkish Citizens only).
  • **No Check-in is accepted 30 minutes before the departure time. Kindly read our cancellation & refund policies.
  • **You may only use € Euro and Credit Cards in Chios Island. Kindly arrange the amount that you are planning to spend before the departure as there is no Exchange Office exists near the Port or in the Island.
  • **We do advise all our passengers to get their International Departure Stamps from the Banks before the departure date. You may also purchase your stamps from the Revenue Office which is located at the Port within the date of departure.(for Turkish Citizens only)
  • **

    Issues to be considered for the passangers who would like to travel with their vehicles.

    • *Please arrange your international Insurance ( Green Insurance) papers from the Insurance Companies or from the Touring Agencies before the departure date. In the contrary cases you will not be allowed to travel.
    • *All the passengers with the vehicles are advised to check-in at our Port Office. As only the driver passengers have the Check-in priority, please notify Erturk Staff about your status.
    • *All the passengers with the vehicles are advised to be at the Port at least 1.5 hour before the departure time. Arrivals after 08:45 for the Morning Departure and arrivals after 15:45 for the Evening Departure will not be accepted due to the Custom Affairs Regulations.
    • *For the passengers(Company Owner) traveling with Company owned cars should apply with the Company Authorized Signatures List. On the other hand for the passengers traveling as an employee with a Company owned car should apply with Notary Approved Attorneyship.
    • *For the Passengers who would like to travel with a rental vehicle should ask for an Notary Approved Attorneyship from the Rental Company.
    • *No special permission is needed inoreder to drive on Chios Island. You may use the existing driving license.
    • *Green Insurance is an International valid Insurance which can be applied via Insurance Companies.
  • **Only for Turkish Citizen Passengers who hold passports with Cyprus Entrance Stamps, Cyprus Citizens who never visited Turkey with their Cyprus Passports and the Turkish Citizens whose birth place is issued as Cyprus or Rhodes are NOT permitted to travel to Chios Island.
  • **All passengers may find chargeable parking-lots near Ulusoy Port or free parking all along the Çiftlikköy road.
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