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Chios is generally preferred to visit in summer. The island is dominated by sunny and warm weather throughout the year. When you go to the island in summer, you can benefit from sea, sand and sun. Summer is the most visited season of Chios.


Those who love to be together with the crowds and people will prefer to have a nice holiday in Cesme Chios. If you don't like crowds and noise, we recommend you to go to the island in spring,autumn and winter.


Also lots of tourists prefer to go to island in winter. The island is extremely calm and peaceful during this season.


Cesme Chios is quite easy to reach. By ferry, you can easily reach by sea. If you prefer a day trip, you can easily fulfill this request because it takes only 30 to 45 minutes. And you can find ticket easily to go to Cesme Chios island. Chios ferry tickets and services are reliable, comfortable and inexpensive.

As far as ferry ticket prices are concerned, different fees apply to adults and children, including all taxes. There are different ferry ticket rates for children aged 0-6 and different ferries for children aged 6-12. There are many options for Cesme Chios ferry services.


It is possible to buy ferry tickets one way, round trip or open. You can buy Chios ferry tickets online. You can also benefit from door visa and car rental when you go to Cesme Chios. If you want, you can guarantee your work by buying tickets early and making an early reservation.


Cesme Chios is the fifth largest island among Greek islands. It is famous for being the only place where drop gum is produced in the world. The island can be reached by a 45 minute ferry ride from Cesme. Thousands of tourists visit Cesme Chios every year.


Chios is preferred because of the possibility of visa at the door. This allows people to easily obtain visas without the need to collect documents. In addition, the mild climate in all seasons the coast, the kindness of the people who go with people who want to go many times.


Find Out More About Chios

The island of Chios is a Greek island located opposite the Karaburun peninsula in the Aegean Sea. Chios, known as the only place in the world with gum trees, has a long history and rich history.


With its charming gum trees, magnificent structure and historical smelling streets, Cesme Chios is one of the islands that should be added to the list of places to visit.


Chios town, which is the city center of Chios, is also called Hora. The island is popular because it is the only place in the world where gum trees are grown. Gum trees are also among the most important livelihoods of the island.


In addition, figs, olive oil, ouzo, sour cherries and citrus fruits are another important source of money.


Tourism is one of the most important money sources on the island. Chios is advantageous in terms of location. Every year, thousands of tourists visit the island to swim in the warm sea and enjoy the sun if the season is summer. Also in winter there are a lot of tourist try to wind surf and they visit historical places.


The attraction of historical places is an undeniable fact. Because many civilizations from the past to the present day reigned in this land and left traces of life.


When you come to the Cesme Chios island you can find many museums and historical buildings to visit and spend your time there.


If you are interested in history, Nea Moni Monastery is a must-see. The monastery is thought to have been built in the 11th century and was included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO.


The monastery, built by the Byzantines, has a charming atmosphere. The island has many historical villages. One of the historical villages on the island of Cesme Chios is Pyrgi Village. With its unique historical texture and the walls of the houses, this village will take you to the Byzantine period.


Finally, if you would like to see the beauty of Cesme Chios beyond you can enjoy, have fun, enjoy the sun and warm weather in all seasons, and you can easily buy and book tickets from our website. What do you expect to go from


Cesme to Chios this year? Book your ferry tickets early on our site with very cheap rates and be happy.