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Bodrum Kos Ferry Prices

If you are thinking of buying a Bodrum-Kos island ferry ticket, you should know that you have multiple options.


You can buy your ticket as round-trip, one-way or open. It is also possible to participate with your pet or vehicle. However, when booking your Bodrum Kos ferry ticket online you must specify your specific conditions of it and select the appropriate options.


Because these special cases are charged. A useful feature of the Bodrum-Kos island ferry ticket is that children under 12 years are charged less than adults. Kos island; It is very close to Bodrum. Anyone who wants to go to Kos Island should choose the Bodrum-Kos ferry service for a comfortable journey. The flights are carried out at frequent intervals. There are daily trips to the island, especially in summer.


A visa is required in advance to go to Kos Island. You can also get help from our travel agency when buying your Kos ferry tickets for this. A 15-day visa is available for a fee to travel to the island. Kos is the first island that comes to mind when it comes to the Greek islands. It is one of the 12 magnificent islands in Greece.


Kos island; It is only eight nautical miles from Bodrum. It is a pretty quiet, sweet island. There is a Hippocrates Tree in a square in the center of Kos Island. Tree of Hippocrates; It is one of the main symbols of Kos Island. There are many reasons why you should visit this island.


First of all, if you are interested in history, you should definitely go to this island. There are also beautiful beaches, hotels, entertainment centers and restaurants on the island of Kos. The bays of the island of Kos are as popular and beautiful as the beaches. The sea of the island is clear and transparent. The people on the island are very friendly.


They especially love Turks. They are very friendly and hospitable to people of all nationalities. If you want to discover a new wonder of nature regardless of summer or winter, you should definitely go to this Island. You can travel comfortably and safely by using ferry services to Bodrum-Kos Island. One of the most famous places on Kos Island is Asklepion.


Asklepion, in Greek mythology, represents the god of medicine and healing. Historical and mythological signs and places are outstanding in Asklepion. There are many historical temples and Roman Baths on the island of Kos. Another important historical place on the island is the Hippocrates tree. In the shadow of Hippocrates, this tree, which is claimed to teach its students, has a very different meaning.


The tree of Hippocrates was found to be 500 years old. The tree is located on Sycamore Square, a busy square on the island of Kos. When you come to Kos island, do not go without windmills. The windmills are located 25 km from Kos Harbor. The windmills have a fascinating beauty. Castle of the Knights; the island is another place to visit. Castle of the Knights; It was built on the ruins of the old castle. It is known to host many wars and civilizations. The most beautiful part of Kos Island is the beaches.


Legendary beaches include Tigaki, Lambi, Kefalos and Marmari. Kos Island Activities: There are many fascinating activities to do for those arriving on the island by purchasing a ferry ticket to Bodrum Kos. First, you can attend Greek nights. Starting with a fine dinner, the activity continues with songs and local dances. Another activity is to do 12 Island Tour.


In this way, you will not only see Kos Island or an island. One of the most perfect activities to do in its unique waters is diving. Diving in the clear sea of the island will be a nice experience. You can also buy island-specific jewelry, clothing, porcelain.


It becomes a nice gift for your loved ones. Its unique items from, you should not come back without souvenirs to Turkey because of the food and souvenir shops are numerous and the prices are quite affordable.


All in all, if you want to come to this magnificent island or if you are thinking of coming, you should definitely check out our Bodrum Kos ferry tickets. We wish you a wonderful holiday by being happy to be the address of those who want to experience high comfort at an affordable price.