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Frequently asked questions


What should be the expire date of my Passport inorder to travel to Chios ?
  • For all the Turkish Citizen passangers, a minimum of 90 days is needed from the start of their return date. In contrary cases no entrance is allowed to Island.
I was born in The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus ?
  • Turkish Citizens with the Northern Cyprus birth and mentioned on the passport are not permitted to enter to Chios Island.
I have a stamp from The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on my passport?
  • As there are international disputes between Greece and Northern Cyprus; passangers with stamp are not permitted to enter the Island of Chios.
  • Inorder to avoid any unpleasent consequences, kindly check before your departure.
  • Ertürk Lines holds no responsibility for any refund charges or fees regarding to this mentioned issue.
How can I get to Chios Island with my own vehicle ?
  • Kindly read the procedure for the passangers with vehicle from here
I will be coming to Çeşme with my vehicle. Where can I park ?
  • You may park your vehicle near the Ulusoy Port Building for 25TL per day.(Free for the Winter Season).
  • You may also park for free around the Port where there is no prohibition.
Which currency is used on the Island of Chios ? Are there any Exchange Offices around Çeşme ? Where can I get foreign currency ?
  • EURO is used all through out the Island. Exchanging Euro currency is advised to all our passangers before their departure date as there is no Currency Office exists near our Main Ertürk Office nor at the Çeşme Bazaar in the early morning.
  • Please be prepared before the departure.
Where to pay the International Trip Fee? From where, I can get the International Departure Stamp ?
  • Turkish Citizens who would like to travel to abroad may pay their Trip Fees not only to Ziraat Bank but also on the spot of departure, in the Ulusoy Port building.
  • All Turkish passangers may acquire their Departure Stamps at the Ulusoy Port Building.
How long it takes to get to Island of Chios ?
  • Distance to Chios Island from Çeşme is 7,5 miles. While the voyage with the Ferry takes around 45-50 minutes, it is only 20-25 minutes with the Ertürk Catamaran.
Is Passport needed in order to travel to Chios Island ?
  • Yes indeed. All passangers must have a valid Passport which holds a Scghengen Visa. In contrary cases entrance to Island will not be permitted.